Outreach Opportunities

One of the things that Caldwell Preschool strives to instill in its students is the concept of service and sharing. The way we do this is through the participation in various community outreach programs. Over the years we have joined with the following agencies and causes. Please look for more information that will come home during the year.

  • The Out of the Garden Project is a non-profit organization rooted right here in Guilford County that helps provide food for needy students. The food we collect is packaged and sent home at 31 schools in our area so students will have something to eat over the weekend. Over 600 bags of food are provided each Friday, and we are pleased to play a role in that!
  • For more information or to learn how you can become more active, please visit www.outofthegardenproject.org.
  • Guilford County Animal Shelter pet supplies drive.