Programs at Caldwell Preschool

The programs offered at Caldwell Preschool are a combination of what you might expect from any preschool PLUS bonus offerings that we believe make a huge difference in the overall development of our children.

Here is a summary of our class offerings along with basic skills, goals and activities.

  • Tiny Tots (toddlers) begin their preschool experience learning to share, developing their verbal skills, painting, playing and learning in a classroom that is both fun and filled with age-appropriate games, toys and manipulatives.
  • Two Year Old Classes explore the world around them through poetry, literature, music, art, drama and dancing. Their enriched environment gives them the opportunity to continue developing their social and verbal skills as they learn colors, nursery rhymes and manners.
  • Three Year Old Classes continue learning in a child-centered environment. Developmentally appropriate readiness skills are incorporated in the children’s play. The children begin working together to develop emerging reading, writing and math skills. They enjoy days filled with fantasy, friends and fun.
  • Four Year Old Classes prepare the children for kindergarten and the wonderful world around them. The children continue working on reading, writing and math skills. Their days feature art, music, literature, dance, drama and outdoor play.
  • TK is for children who are taking an extra year before entering kindergarten. Children participate in reading activities, math skills, art, music, Spanish, Hand Writing without Tears, as well as dress-up, free play & outdoor fun.

In conjunction with many of our classes (particularly for older children) we utilize these programs/curricula:

Handwriting without Tears
This is a “HANDWRITING” program that uses music, movement, direction, eye hand co-ordination, grasp and grip exercises, cross over activities, top to bottom, left to right, in a multi-sensory program that “really works” Following this program enables children to successfully write with proper grip.

Peabody Language Development Program:
“P. Mooney” is a language based program using puppets to engage the children.  The program is designed to stimulate oral language, cognitive development and logical thinking.  Each lesson is taught in a relaxed game like atmosphere, to make language time fun and enjoyable.

Macmillan Early Skills Program
This acclaimed program is time-proven and designed to enrich children’s learning experiences in language arts, social studies, math and science with finger plays, poetry, music and art.

70438477_2606178739427342_5812828031399493632_oChildren’s Chapel
We have Chapel every week, alternating on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. In a non-denominational service, we praise God through prayer, song and stories, while learning the importance of loving one another, being respectful and trying to be “the best we can be.” We also show our thankfulness to God by helping others with our outreach programs. CLICK HERE to learn more about outreach. Please note that on several occasions during the year we offer “special persons” chapel where parents, grandparents and others are urged to attend chapel WITH the students. Watch the News section of the website or the Online Calendar for dates, times and instructions.

On-Campus Field Trips
Special people in and around Greensboro come to us: storytellers, firefighters, Greensboro Ballet dancers, dentists, etc.

While you’ll see music mentioned above in the class descriptions, we don’t think we can state strongly enough the importance of music and other fine-arts for young children. In a wide variety of ways, the children will explore the magical world of music through songs, dance, musical instruments and movement games. They will develop a love of music and learn about rhythm, melody and beat while they actively participate. Musical experiences are an important part of children’s sensory environment and will help them to develop physical, social and intellectual skills. Countless studies have shown again and again that exposure to the arts, and especially music, pay huge dividends intellectually and in many other ways. That’s why at Caldwell Preschool music is a focal point, not an afterthought!

The children sometimes confuse the name with “yoghurt” and “Yoda,” but with the exception of the Tiny Tots, our classes participate in yoga each week. The program is designed to help increase strength & balance in age-appropriate activities while having fun.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, ABC Parade and Graduation Programs
The threes, fours and pre-K classes celebrate Thanksgiving with programs where the entire family is urged to attend. There is also a Christmas program to celebrate the “reason for the season” with the children singing songs while the pre-K children re-enact the very first Christmas. The ABC Parade is for our three year old children to celebrate their year of learning about the alphabet. Each family designs their child’s unique T-shirt which the child will then wear in the ABC Parade. Graduation is the culmination of our four year old and Pre-K classes. The ceremony is a trip down memory lane show-casing the many accomplishments and experiences.